Gym Equipment for CrossFit

There are a ton of new companies out there that offer equipment for CrossFit, so it’s sometimes difficult to know which one has the best gear. Here are a few companies and their respective pros and cons:


1) Rogue Fitness – This company has been around since approx 2005 and is the leading provider of CrossFit gear.
Pros: Good quality, good service, wide selection.
Cons: High prices

2) Again Faster – This is another company that has been around for a long time, and they offer a lot of similar gear compared to Rogue.
Pros: Decent quality, good service, wide selection.
Cons: Quality isn’t as good as competitors for some items, prices are hit and miss with regard to competitiveness

3) FringeSport – A new company on the block with competitive prices.
Pros: Good prices, decent quality
Cons: Free shipping pricing model means that once you start adding more than a couple of items to the cart, the price starts to add up.

4) Rep Fitness – Another new company out there with competitive prices and good quality.
Pros: Good prices, good quality
Cons: Limited selection, some free shipping items that have the same issue as FringeSport stuff.

I ended up buying all of my CrossFit gym equipment at Rep Fitness. They are so close to where I live that the prices without paying for shipping were just impossible to beat.

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